Monday, April 14, 2014

Autodoc reaches 1.0.0 !

I recently dedicated some work in polishing Autodoc for a shiny 1.0.0 release!
It now has everything I wanted and some bonus features I found useful while using the tool on my projects.

Report is easier to read

In case you use more than one input plugin at a time (for example both JPA and VALIDATION), the screen could get a bit crowded and maybe you just want to check one of the two sets, not both.
A simple selector comes in handy, which dinamically hides unneded output:

No more obscure errors from Maven for Eclipse

I love Eclipse and Maven and I appreciated the fact that Maven for Eclipse has had so much improvement in the latest years, but there is something about it that I simply hate:

Maven Project Build Lifecycle Mapping Problem

I understand that m2e can't possibly manage all existing maven plugins out there and mine is no exception, but why the defaul beahviour is to give an error? When a colleague adds Autodoc plugin to his/her build, he/she promptly complains about the error, wrongfully thinking it's my plugin's fault... Autodoc may have its faults, but definitely this one is not on it!
Starting from version 1.0.0 I fixed this on autodoc's side, waiting for m2e to fix this.

A guide on how to write custom plugins

Finally! This was in the works since forever but it's there at last!
It's very easy to create a custom plugin for Autodoc, the validation plugin is an example created in a very little time; please let me know if you create one you think it's worth sharing, I will be glad to hear!

Autodoc 1.0.0 is on Maven Central as usual, enjoy!