Friday, August 30, 2013

ZKGrails for Grails 2.3

I am working with a pre-release of Grails 2.3, based on ZkGrails plugin; so far we managed to make version 2.1.0 work with a few tricks.

Today could have been a great day

Since more than a month we have been waiting for the release of a Grails 2.3 version and we believed that the author was gonna release a version which at least could work with Grails 2.3, so that we could get rid of the tricks we were using to make it work.
That simply didn't happen, so I took the decision to fork it, to allow running it on newer Grails versions.

We can't guarantee that everything will work, but we have been using that version for weeks and found no critical issue; I hope this could be useful to someone else too.

The fork is distributed with LGPL3 license and you can find it at my github repository.

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