Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New version for Autodoc - big news!

I recently released Autodoc, an open source tool to generate documentation using annotations in java classes.

The first version was somewhat basic, a little more than a proof of concept; while fixing a few nasty bugs which came out testing the tools on more projects than I did at first, I also worked on producing a better output, having a simpler and more powerful configuration and reducing external dependencies.
The result is version 0.3.0.

A better output

I added a new index page which puts the various packages together:
The package page is now ordered in the same way as the left column and it displays field types and methods return types:

A simpler configuration

Plugins may now be identified by a short name, resulting in simpler and more readable configuration; output plugins now support configuration through a properties file:
<!-- short name of needed plugin; JPA plugin is for JPA2 annotations -->
<!-- output plugin are supposed to write to files; for example, this is the html output plugin -->

Reduced external dependencies

Since I moved to Guava, I had the chance to remove dependency on commons-io (and Reflections of course); I also configured freemarker to use slf4j logging, removing the need of log4j at runtime and moved commons-beanutils to test dependencies since it was needed only there.
This results in a smaller footprint; in the future the plugins may be moved to external projects, to further reduce the need of external dependencies (the core ones are just guava, commons-configuaration and slf4j).

Time to try it!

Just follow the instructions on Autodoc wiki and see for yourself if you find it useful; it will probably take no more than 10 minutes to add it to your exsisting maven build.
Don't be afraid to ask for assistance, I will do my best!

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